Explore Stacer Boats and Other New Boats for Sale at Wynnum Marine in Brisbane

For good reason, Stacer is one of the most well-known and well-respected boating brands in Australia. For 40 years, this company has excelled in the design and manufacture of high-quality aluminium boats for every need and price range. If you are shopping for Stacer boats in Brisbane, look no further than Wynnum Marine. We stock a wide selection of Stacer vessels, ranging from small entry-level models to larger boats meant for overnight voyages.

Why Choose Stacer?

When customers come to Wynnum Marine seeking new boats for sale in Brisbane, they are typically looking for Stacer models. There are a few reasons that Stacer is one of the go-to boating brands in Australia—if not the go-to boating brand. Over several decades, Stacer has built a reputation for boats that back a lot of reliability and value into their affordable price tags. Especially for first-time boat buyers, the quality-to-price ratio of Stacer boats is tough to beat.

Perhaps the biggest reason that so many customers come looking for Stacer boats in Brisbane, though, is the variety. Currently, Stacer has 74 boat models spanning nine different collections. Sizes range from two metres to seven metres, and the diversity of designs available is quite extensive. Customers seeking small boats for solo fishing trips are drawn to options from the open boat collection or the Prolines range. Those seeking speed and sport performance look to the SF Series. Families love boats from the Runabouts range. Cabins boats are ideal for longer trips.

The list goes on and on, but the point is simple: Stacer manufactures a boat for every type of buyer. At Wynnum Marine, we are proud to stock the majority of the models from the Stacer catalogue, spanning every one of the company’s nine ranges. No matter your budget, no matter your space needs and no matter the features you want in your boat, there is a good chance that we can find the right craft for you within the Stacer collection.

We also frequently offer boats sales in Brisbane, including vessels from Stacer. Click here to explore our clearance collection, if you are after bargain-basement pricing.

Why Wynnum Marine Is the Perfect Place to Buy New Boats for Sale in Brisbane

If you are in the market for new Stacer boats in Brisbane, then Wynnum Marine is the perfect place to start. We have an in-depth knowledge of this brand—and of boats in general—that dates back the better part of eight decades. We first opened our doors in 1946 and have continued to operate as a family business ever since. We understand the passion for boating that our customers have because that passion is ours as well. Whether you are shopping for brand-new vessels or looking for boats sales in Brisbane, we are here to help you find the perfect boat to suit your needs.

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